Book: Teaching Your Special Needs Student

Strategies and Tools That Really Work
3rd Edition, 2008, 140 pp.

  Teaching Your Special Needs Student: Strategies and Tools That Really Work
is a compilation of effective ideas to help parents teach a child who has special needs. You may feel that you lack preparation or training to help a special needs student, but this resource will truly equip you to help your child without spending endless hours of your precious time. This guide has been prepared as a reference for parents who face specific struggles in their work with each child’s unique weaknesses. It is written to be practical, and the ideas are easy to use. The strategies are based on research in the practice of special education, and have been field tested during Judi’s 25+ years of teaching students with learning disabilities. You will find that Judi makes it easy to learn how to adapt a curriculum, and employ teaching materials and techniques to suit a particular child’s needs.

The chapters are well organized for easy reference. “Choosing Appropriate Curriculum Materials” reveals how to match a curriculum with the child’s specific weaknesses. Judi explains why it is not a good idea to buy single grade level curriculum packages. “Study Strategies” contains many effective ways to help students acquire, organize, store and retrieve information. Parents learn how Bloom’s Taxonomy individualizes assignments for students whose skills fall almost anywhere along the continuum of ability. “Graphic Organizers” are explained as powerful visual teaching materials that help students see abstract concepts and relationships. These can be used for most subject areas, and samples are included in the Appendix for parents to copy. In addition, the book provides you with important alternatives to paper & pencil or writing assignments and written tests – a key struggle for many students with special needs. Simple scoring charts called “Rubrics” help you to grade and score many learning tasks and activities. “Assistive Technology” provides guidelines for choosing and incorporating technology. New advances in technology help the student progress beyond the limitation of their specific learning disability.

The latter chapters list many resources, website links, references to informative books and more. The Appendix has many samples of the most important resources, and you are free to copy any pages for personal teaching use. A special article explores the most significant principles of truly effective instruction, and illustrates how we can learn from God as the Master Teacher.

Teaching Your Special Needs Child is a valuable resource for parents.
Recommended by Betty Statnick, Special Needs Co-ordinator,
Home School Legal Defense Association.

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