How To Modify Materials

Seek texts with clear page designs, and ample room for the eye to roam. Avoid pages with excessive visual art or distractions.

If you cannot find a text that is appropriate, you can alter one that is marginally useful to make it suitable:

  • alter physical appearance – underline text, or cut it up
  • break into smaller visual bits
    • by blocking with clear file cards or stiff cardboard
    • cutting up worksheets to shorten activities
  • highlight key words in one color
  • draw a block around each math problem
  • rewrite by hand, or enlarge using a copy machine
  • darken faint or “sloppy copies”
  • put colored border around pages
  • on answer bubble-sheets, use light colored marker to mark off answers by tens
  • draw an arrow to selected content

You may make single copies on a copy machine for teaching and educational use — but not in a repetitive way that denies profit to the copyright owner. You may even make multiple copies to use for a class if the item is suddenly available and needed right away (e.g., newspaper articles), leaving insufficient time to obtain copying permission from the copyright owner. The copyright laws permit “fair use.” So cut and paste to create pages appropriate for your learner. If you have questions, you can consult the following link: