Reading and Spelling

The following topics are available:

1. Approaches to Teaching Reading
4. Effective Reading Instruction
Reading Comprehension Strategies Overview
Teaching Reading Comprehension
Teaching Children to Read
Effective Teaching Practices
Splitting Long Lists
2. Whole Language
What Do “Whole Language” Readers Do?
Whole Language Instruction Weakness
5. Phonemics
Research-Based Sequence to Introduce New Sounds
Phonemic Awareness
Phonological Awareness
References in Phonemics
Apps for Teaching Phonemic Awareness (external link)
3. Research-Based Information
Why Should We Be Concerned About Research and Reading?
Research on Reading Programs
Research-Based Components of Effective Reading Instruction
What Programs Work?
6. Reading and Dyslexia
Dyslexia: An Information Sheet
Reading and Dyslexia