Phone Consultation – Part 2

Once we begin our phone consultation, I will ask you to describe your child’s specific needs in greater detail. I will ask you to explore further some of your responses on the Parent Questionnaire that you sent in.  There will be some discussion about solutions you have already tried, and you will able to answer some of my questions with specific and detailed information. You will be encouraged to share your concerns, and I will answer some of them right away, but please keep in mind that I will also need some time to provide you with more complete feedback to address your concerns.

I will be taking notes as we talk, and when we are through, I will prepare a written Consultation Report in which I review all of our main discussion points and state my recommendations. I will also provide additional information that I locate during research after our phone call is over. You should have a written follow-up Consultation Report within two weeks after we talk.

Advantages to you

A phone consultation is going to provide you with very specific information that you will be able to apply immediately in your instruction and interactions with your child. You can apply the teaching recommendations because Judi’s feedback is practical and easy-to-implement. The Consultation Report will be practical and based on current research and best practices in the field of special education today. You will have recommendations that are tailored to your situation and to your child/children that will strengthen your home schooling capabilities. Your fears and anxieties will be replaced with increased confidence, once you have information and ideas founded on expert advice.