Judi’s Testimonials

On behalf of the Treasure Home Educators’ Association, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your time with us and your ministry to children. What a blessing to sit under your teaching and have an opportunity to glean such a wealth of helpful information. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us

I can’t thank you enough for your recommendations – you, once again, have been a life saver for us. We are very grateful for you and hope God will continue to bless you and your family.

Dear Judith, What a blessing it was to speak with you yesterday on the phone! Thank you! Anytime I speak with someone, I just cry because I am overwhelmed, perhaps, that someone understands what I’m going through. I also feel God’s blessing.
Elaine C.

Audience evaluations at Judi’s workshops — “excellent”; “fantastic as usual”; “please have her back”; “great ideas”; “very knowledgeable”; “described my daughter”; “you are talking about our son!”

Your website (hishelpinschool.com) is amazing… just a goldmine of information and resources. I feel very strongly about parents taking on the role as primary educator of their children (something they can either do directly in homeschooling, or as a “manager” if they decide to delegate some of the educational tasks to others by sending them to school), and your website is something that can assist parents in doing that, whether they send their child to school or educate them at home… I have been sharing your website on several yahoo groups I belong to. I plan to remind people of your site in the coming weeks too, as people have their kids starting school and are thinking about what is included in their child’s education plan.
Laurie A.

Judi has been a great help in teaching my daughter to understand math and spelling. My daughter was premature and had learning disabilities that I wasn’t able to teach her in the way she needed to learn. Her specialized knowledge and experience has helped my daughter to catch up with others in her age group. Her one-on-one teaching brought the best out in my daughter’s learning abilities. We are both very happy with the results.
Melissa W.

I homeschool a child who has severe developmental delays, and proving “adequate yearly progress” is no simple matter easily accomplished with the usual standardized testing. I love the portfolio evaluation service that Mrs. Munday provides! The portfolio option allows me to fulfill the VA state homeschooling statute requirement to demonstrate “adequate yearly progress” for my child with disabilities in a way that fully documents his progress and maintains our family’s ability to customize his academic and life skills curricula.
Holly B.

For years, end-of-year standardized testing had been a stress-filled, much-dreaded event for my daughter with learning disabilities. Then we found HIS Place. Judi Munday worked with my daughter to identify her strengths and weaknesses, make curriculum recommendations, and provide one-on-one end-of-year testing that “works around” my daughter’s specific learning disabilities. With Mrs. Munday’s guidance, we also now have a well-documented homeschool 504 plan that will follow my daughter to college and allow her to continue to receive the accommodations she needs for her learning disabilities as she continues her education beyond high school.
Holly B.

I originally contacted Judi in my search for someone who could objectively evaluate my special needs son. Her name and good reputation certainly preceded her! After numerous referrals, I decided to look up her website, HIS Place for Help in School, and discovered much more than I had hoped for. Judi’s wealth of knowledge and experience is a huge asset not only for me and my son, but as an advocate for homeschooling him. Judi was able to assess my son’s work and continues to serve as a rich source of information and encouragement. Her background in the public school system and her personal experiences in dealing with the home school population make for a thoroughly informed professional… with a heart!
Amie V.

Judi Munday has been a great resource and encouragement to me over the years. I met her at a HEAV convention many years ago while attending one of her seminars on home educating a child with special learning needs. She was so thorough in her knowledge and instruction, I knew I needed to stay in touch with her. When my daughter completed Kindergarten, we tried testing her. The results came back very low – not showing all the areas she did progress in. Judi evaluated her work and progress and gave me a letter we could send to the school board to show she had made adequate progress for the year. Judi has evaluated her for three years. Not only does she evaluate, but she offers me suggestions on curriculum as well as how I can be a more effective teacher to my daughter. Her web site also offers much help and ideas. I have two of her books, which I use frequently, especially at the beginning of the year as I am setting goals for my daughter, and at the end of the year as I compile her work and write how she met the goals. I would highly recommend Judi Munday to any homeschooling parent who needs help and encouragement educating and evaluating a child with specific learning needs.
Cindy M.

Many thanks for your investment in my child’s (and our) lives. As a personal resource, your value is inestimable as far as we’re concerned.
Melissa P.

I can’t thank you enough for your recommendations – you, once again, have been a life saver for us. We are very grateful for you and hope God will continue to bless you and your family.
Robbyne S.

Our experience with Judith Munday literally changed our lives. We knew that our son had learning issues, but never had a diagnosis that gave us the proper solution for dealing the problem. Judi was so kind in the way she dealt with testing and presenting the information to our family about our son’s learning disorder. She gave us recommendations for helping him and worked with us in every way to make it possible for our son to succeed and us to understand the disability. Years later, she continues to be always available to us for support at a moment’s notice. Her presence in our life has been a gift.
Krista R.

I really appreciate your time and patience with me. You have really been a blessing to our family. Thanks so much Mrs. Judi. You are really appreciated.
Chanetta B.