Special Education on the Web: A Perspective

Because you will find both secular and Christian links in these pages, I want to point out that, as an educator who is a committed Christian, I appreciate and uphold a Christ-centered point of view. I am sensitive to concerns of home educators who choose to avoid even looking at or using any materials that are not produced by, sponsored by, or endorsed by a known Christian organization or individual.

In raising our three children, however, we chose a different path. Our hearts were committed to establishing them on strong foundations of the Rock, the Word as infallible truth, and on a personal relationship with their living Savior, Jesus Christ. We believed we were to provide those roots and nurture them, yet we recognized that in the world in which our children would have to function, they would face many obstacles of flesh and of man that could tempt them to depart from those roots. It was our choice to educate them at that time in a public school from about 7th grade on. Home schooling was not yet wide spread, and we did not sense the calling to pioneer. We did sense we should encourage them to be watchful and alert for worldly points of view in their texts and in their teacher’s words. They in turn freely shared the insights from each day’s events, and at dinner we would evaluate and compare what they had seen and heard against God’s sharp sword of truth in His Word. This we regularly did, and we kept the doors open.

I would never presume to judge what is right for any other believer. We believe we were walking in the light we had from God at that time in our lives as believers. I wish I could share with you the wonderful stories of victory that our children experienced as they grew more and more capable of discerning truth from humanistic distortions and temptations. They have told us, now that they are all strong adult believers, that they grew strong in their faith by walking this path — but they also told us that it was not an easy path for them. It produced a need to stay close to their family, to their Savior and to His Word. We can testify that by His grace this pathway brought forth good and lasting fruits in our children’s lives. I share this personal story to help you understand why a web site that is dedicated to the Lord and called HIS Place contains links to non-Christian sites.

I have known for a long time that I was called by the Lord to serve Him with the very best and the very highest standards of excellence. I have had to rely on trust in HIM to rightly discern and divide the chaff from the wheat. That means I must listen closely to His Spirit within me. Because of my strong confidence in His faithfulness, I do not fear gleaning wheat from secular sites and using whatsoever is good and true to bless and encourage the children of His flock (and those who are not yet a part of His flock).

Worldly people are capable of excellence in many ways like the Christian — the difference that I see is primarily found in where the praise and the glory are given. Man exalts himself. I choose to take what will help, teach, and bless special needs children and give the praise and glory all to HIM. The sites below, then, include both secular and Christ-centered resources that contain material of high educational quality. It is up to you to choose whether you are free to use them to benefit your children and to give the Glory and Honor to HIM. I pray that He directs you as faithfully as I have been privileged to experience. This remains HIS Place.