Selected Testing Tools

Intelligence / Aptitude

WISC III (ages 6-16)

  • Includes testing for Verbal and Non-Verbal
  • Now includes “processing” assessment sub-tests

Detroit Tests of Learning Aptitude –3 (ages 6-17)

  • Tests abilities in linguistic, cognitive, attention and motor skills.
  • Diagnostic for LD and mental retardation

Kaufman Adolescent and Adult Intelligence Test (ages 4-90)

  • Verbal and non-verbal intelligence

Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children

  • Measures Achievements in academics, processing

Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement (ages 6-18)


  • Measures academic skills in Math, Reading, Spelling
           (grade equivalents, age equivalents)
  • Brief and Comprehensive forms

Woodcock Reading Mastery Test – Revised

  • Measures Decoding, Comprehension, Word Attack, and
          Word Knowledge
  • Helpful in diagnosis of difficulty areas

Key Math Test – Revised

  • Measures Math Computation and Application
  • Good breakdown of sub-skills
  • Helpful for diagnosis of difficulty areas

Peabody Individual Achievement Test – Revised

  • Measures General Information, Reading Recognition, Reading
            Comprehension, Written Expression, Mathematics
            and Spelling

Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test – Receptive Vocabulary